Upcoming Musical Engagements

I shall be playing music publicly several times in the near future.

On Tuesday, February 13 : a nice long set at Axe and the Oak whiskey distillery in Colorado Springs, around 7:30 pm. Also singing his own sets shall be Mearlan.

Besides that, I have been frequenting a songwriters’ circle at the Stage Coach Inn in Manitou, which is run by the inimitable and oppressively genuine slide guitarist, Grant Sabin. The thing generally goes from 5-9 pm. There’s some fineness there. Any bar fights that might occur are sure to end amicably. This Sunday will be the birthday of local songwriter and Honky-Tonk Hero Joe Johnson — so it will be even better than usual. Come on out, y’all.

And one more thing! I’ll be playing from 6 – 9 pm at Tap Traders in Colorado Springs on Saturday the twenty-fourth of February. That will get its own post, but I might as well add it to this one in case you plan very far ahead. Two weeks is a long time.